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2004 Crown Point Bulldog Football Highlights


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Crown Point High School Football play-by-play archive files are broken down by quarters as shown in each table below. Note all broadcasts remain copyright of and Meyer Multimedia Services.  No rebroadcast or resale without express written permission. 


Game 9 - Michigan City 26, Crown Point 17, 10-15-2004:

Also features MC's marching band performing music at halftime!

File Name

Time Length File Size
Pregame & First Quarter 33:15 min 3990 KB
Second Quarter 39:16 min. 4713 KB
Halftime 12:17 min. 1474 KB
Third Quarter 36:11 min. 4343 KB
Fourth Quarter 37:14 min. 4469 KB
Postgame 9:09 min. 1099 KB


Game 8 - Crown Point 17, Chesterton 14, 10-08-2004:

Also features CP's Royal Regiment performing music with Homecoming festivities at halftime!

File Name

Time Length File Size
Pregame 17:08 min 2056 KB
First Half 59:25 min. 7131 KB
Halftime 22:36 min. 2714 KB
Third Quarter 32:23 min. 3887 KB
Fourth Quarter 42:17 min. 5075 KB
Postgame 10:45 min. 1291 KB


Game 7 - LaPorte 37, Crown Point 23, 10-01-2004:
Note:  We had a few technical challenges and just a single announcer doubling as engineer when CP was on the road at LaPorte. But we recorded the final 5 minutes of the fourth quarter, joining the action with CP driving the ball and trailing 22-16...

File Name

Time Length File Size
Last 5-min 4th Qtr & Postgame 30:01 min. 3602 KB


Game 5 - Crown Point 17, Portage 24, 09-17-2004:

File Name

Time Length File Size
First Quarter 35:16 min. 4234 KB
Second Quarter 35:38 min. 4277 KB
Halftime 17:57 min. 2159 KB
Third Quarter 29:50 min. 3582 KB
Fourth Quarter 30:50 min. 3700 KB
Postgame 10:18 min. 1237 KB


Game 3 - Crown Point 7, Merrillville 3, 09-03-2004:

Re-live the play-by-play of Crown Point handing neighbor and state-ranked rival Merrillville's only regular season loss of 2004.

File Name

Time Length File Size
First Quarter 26:36 min. 4791 KB
Second Quarter 17:41 min. 3184 KB
Halftime 19:36 min. 3530 KB
Third Quarter 24:43 min. 4451 KB
Fourth Quarter 36:04 min. 6492 KB
Postgame 4:47 min. 863 KB



Some Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How long will it take to download a game file?

A: With a dial-up modem, about three times the actual length of the audio cut... probably not a realistic option.  With a high speed DSL or cable modem, a one-hour MP3 audio file may take 3 to 10-minutes, depending on Internet traffic conditions. So an entire 3-hour game may take 9 to 30-minutes of download time. A five minute audio highlight package may take a minute or so.


Q: What kind of quality are these MP3 game files?

A: In order to conserve hard drive space and reduce download times, these files have been saved as monaural MP3s in a 11:1 (9%) compression scheme, 16 kbps bit rate, 11025 Hz frequency, using MPEG 2, Layer 3 encoding, encoded by Xing (old) 3.92.  Explanations of these terms can be found at  The end result is a slightly less quality product than what you would normally hear on the "live" Internet audio stream during the game.


Q: How do I play the files once they're downloaded?

A: We recommend using the WinAmp player and use the playlist feature to load the file for audio playback.  Download the WinAmp player FREE at


Q: When will the next Crown Point Bulldog Football game be posted for download on demand?

A: will strive to post all Friday games by the following Monday evening.


Q: Where can I go for additional technical support?

A: For more information on the WinAmp player, please visit We also welcome your e-mails at and we'll do the best we can to answer your questions.



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